A Commonsense Neighbourhood Development Plan for Burghill Parish

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December 2018: The Delegated Decision Document (https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/download/downloads/id/16477/delegated_decision_document.pdf) was published by Herefordshire Council on 3rd December and this formal Decision Statement states

"This Decision Statement confirms that the modifications proposed by the examiner's report have been accepted, the draft Burghill Neighbourhood Plan has been amended taking into account the modifications, and that the NDP may proceed to referendum."

We all eagerly await the amended NDP so that we can see it complete with all the Examiner's modifications.


30 November 2018



30 November 2018: THE EXAMINER'S REPORT HAS JUST (29 Nov 2018) BEEN PUBLISHED on the Herefordshire Council website. She recommends the removal of the sites allocated in the NDP at Tillington (due to concerns about their deliverability) and the removal of the Solar Farm site from the NDP (because "no evidence has been provided to demonstrate that there would be no unacceptable impacts").


FACT: Therefore, all the NDP will have achieved after 5 years, a cost of around £20,000, and a huge amount of stress and disharmony, is the allocation of 12 houses adjacent to Redstone ("Site 21 Land opposite Burghill Golf Club, Burghill") which when added to the 128 Qualifying Planning Permissions which were granted anyway, yields a total of 140 extra houses, actually more than the 18% target imposed by Herefordshire Council.


24 October 2018



Another planning permission by Herefordshire Council (Decision Notice 23 October 2018) for the proposed erection of 4 detached houses adjacent to the Bell Inn, Tillington !


The minimum target for the NDP 2011-2031 was 124. With this latest approval, Qualifying Permissions are now 128!!!!!!! And don't forget that the latest version of the NDP includes a further 24 more houses on mini-housing estates as well.....

10 July 2018



Another planning permission (Decision Notice 9 July 2018) for the proposed erection of a bungalow at Cyrene, Tilington !


That makes a total of 124 Qualifying Planning Permissions now approved by Herefordshire Council. The minimum target was 124.


So why, in heaven's name, does the recently submitted NDP provide for 24 more houses on mini-housing estates IN ADDITION TO THE 124?? This ignores the expressed wishes of the people.

19 June 2018



Another planning permission (Decision Notice 19 June 2018) for the proposed erection of a bungalow at The Chase, Burghill!


That makes a total of 123 Qualifying Planning Permissions now approved by Herefordshire Council.

Now only
more house is needed

(over 13 years until 2031!!) to meet the NDP target of 124. So why does the recently resubmitted Neighbourhood Development Plan include 3 sites based on mini-housing estates with a capacity of 24 houses instead of the 1 windfall which would meet the target???

22 May 2018





Another planning permission (Decision Notice 15 May 2018) for the conversion to residential use of the Gospel Hall at Portway! This has dragged on and on since October 2015 but at last it is approved. The Herefordshire Council Officer's Report is here https://myaccount.herefordshire.gov.uk/documents?id=1c66dc14-5cdd-11e8-b537-0050569f00ae

That makes a total of 122 Qualifying Planning Permissions now approved by Herefordshire Council.

Now only 2 more houses are needed

(over 13 years until 2031!!) to meet the NDP target of 124. So why does the recently resubmitted Neighbourhood Development Plan include 3 sites based on mini-housing estates with a capacity of 24 houses instead of the 2 windfalls which would meet the target???

12 May 2018



A 'Submission' version of the Burghill Neighbourhood Development Plan has at last appeared.

It appeared on the Herefordshire Council website https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/directory_record/3042/burghill_neighbourhood_development_plan on 10 May. Scroll down to the bottom of that page where it says 'Regulation 16 plan re-submission'. (Do not get confused by references to April 2016 - they mean April 2018. Someone has messed-up the dates.) HC says "Burghill Parish Council re-submitted their Neighbourhood Development Plan to Herefordshire Council on 9 May 2018". This is, of course, the first chance that the public has been able to see what is supposed to be the Parish's Plan! Some of them may not be aware that this is happening at all. This is supposed to be 'localism'.

As expected, the housing numbers are wrong. They omit THREE planning permissions already granted so that the residual housing requirement is not 6 as claimed, it should be only 3, which could easily be achieved over the next 13 years by a provision for windfalls. See elsewhere on this CommonSense NDP website. There have been dozens of 'windfalls' over the last few years, and they will continue. But the Parish Council and the authors of the Burghill Neighbourhood Development Plan seem to prefer unnecessary housing estates.

There is a 6 week 'consultation', during which time the wider community can make their representations direct to Herefordshire Council until 21 June 2018.

What a shame that the Parish Council has not seen fit to distribute copies of what they have created in the name of parishioners to all households - many older people will be by-passed by the use of the internet.

5 May 2018



This application P180094 (for 10 houses at Tillington Whitmore Cross) was withdrawn on 27 April on the suggestion of Herefordshire Council's Planning Department for a variety of reasons, but in particular:

  • there were TWELVE highway safety and transportation issues which demonstated that the proposal would fail to comply with the transport policy of policy MT1 of the Core Strategy;
  • and the officer was not satisfied that drainage issues would be resolvable.

These constraints are, of course, not news to anyone familiar with the area.

21 April 2018





Updated 12 July 2018


~~~~ No it's not just a rash. Is it an epidemic.....or an infection? ~~~~

Yet Another NEWLY APPEARED PLANNING APPLICATION FOR NEW HOUSES, this time behind "The Rise", next to the the one for 10 houses (see below), and opposite the 4 houses proposed next to the Bell Inn at Tillington. The applicant is Mr John Issacs and it is for 4 new houses again each with 4+ bedrooms. The application form states that there will be 16 car parking spaces.

Comments to Herefordshire Council by Thursday 10 May 2018:


UPDATE 12 JULY: this application has been withdrawn on the advice of the Planning Officer, due to lack of demonstrable safe access, lack of pedestrian connectivity, and other issues. Her letter to the applicant is here: https://myaccount.herefordshire.gov.uk/documents?id=4cc1608c-834f-11e8-b439-0050569f00ad

21 April 2018


~~~~ They are spreading like a rash! ~~~~

Another NEWLY APPEARED PLANNING APPLICATION FOR NEW HOUSES NEXT TO THE BELL INN at Tillington. The applicant is Mr Glenn Williams and it is for 4 new houses each with 4+ bedrooms. It also has provided for "access to the adjoining site off its eastern boundary". With the proposed plans drawing showing 3 car parking spaces per 4+ bedroomed house, and an unspecified number of vehicles which will be generated by the mysterious "adjoining site off its eastern boundary", Tillington will get very, very busy.....

Comments to Herefordshire Council by Tuesday 1 May 2018:


21 April 2018


With regard to the planning application P180094 for 10 houses at Tillington Whitmore Cross (the applicant is Mr William Barnett), the Planning Officer has written to the agent suggesting that it is either withdrawn and the constraints addressed (particularly highway safety and drainage where "a condition would not be considered appropriate"); or she will refuse permission.

Contrast that planning professional's verdict with the Parish Council's comment "these deficiencies are not so significant that they would hinder the development of the site", and the former Chairman of the abolished Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (but now a co-opted Parish Councillor) who commented in support of the application that these matters could be "controlled through pre-commencement planning conditions".......



21 March 2018

Another planning permission for a new house at Tillington! This is for a new house on an infill plot (garden) at Bird-in-Hand Cottage, Tillington Whitmore Cross.

That makes a total of 121 Qualifying Planning Permissions now approved by Herefordshire Council.

Now only 3 more houses are needed

(over 13 years until 2031!!) to meet the NDP target of 124.

This could easily be achieved by windfall development. And still no sign of the "Draft" Neighbourhood Plan from the Parish Council which has been threatening that it will still contain mini-housing estates far in excess of 3 houses....

It really is a tragedy that local people continue to be ignored, and that excessive housing development is apparently being justified in their name.


By the way, because it is pertinent to the Neighbourhood Development Plan, it is important that parishioners are made aware that the gentleman who was the chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (disbanded in 2017) has just been co-opted (that means not elected by the Parish) at the March 2018 Parish Council meeting onto the Parish Council.


12 February 2018


There has been a deafening silence concerning the Neighbourhood Plan for some weeks. Now all of a sudden there is this planning application which if allowed would change the face of Tillington forever. The odd infill in a hamlet like this is one thing, but a mini-housing estate which would more than double the number of houses in that area is quite another.


The deadline for comments has now been extended to TUESDAY 3rd APRIL 2018.




19 December 2017


These 4 houses still needed could all be met by a provision for 'windfalls'. There were 20 windfalls identified in the last Draft of the NDP. One became a granted planning permission, one is probably no longer available, 3 were missed out despite the owner still wanting them in the NDP, leaving a pool of 21 windfalls which could still be used!"

[The 120th Qualifying Planning Permission was approved on 6 December 2017. The Decision Notice has been published. It was for a single storey dwelling on Land at the Former Live & Let Live, Tillington.]

Let CommonSense prevail, insist that the Parish Council fights for the inclusion of these 21 windfalls to complete and exceed the target, and not the mini-housing estates which they seem to prefer which will forever change the rural nature of this Parish.

Only the front page of the Parish website is currently viewable, the rest of it has been down since Saturday 9 December 2017 (it is still down as at Thursday 28 December)!!

However the last hint of what the Parish Council was intending was in the minutes of the September 2017 Parish Council Meeting. That recorded that their favoured sites "to make up the shortfall" were:

  • site 25 at Cherry Orchard, Tillington with 10 houses;
  • site 10 at Tillington Business Park with 10 houses; and
  • site 21 the land 'opposite the golf club' with 12 houses (that is actually the site east of Redstone, currently an apple orchard)

That is 32 houses on top of the 120 already given Planning Permission. Add on the pool of 21 known windfalls, and we get a total of 120+32+21=173! The target is 124 (18% growth).

173 houses would be 25% growth.

The NDP is being done IN YOUR NAME, but not by you. WHY? What on earth is going on?


19 December 2017


This application for 10 Houses at Bredstone, Burghill (Opposite Manor Fields) appeared on the Herefordshire Council planning website on Friday 6 October, click here to see the detail.

It was approved on 4 December 2017, bringing the total Planning Permissions granted since 2011 to 119 houses, against the target of 125.

19 October 2017


These 15 still needed could all be met by a provision for 'windfalls'. There were 20 windfalls identified in the last Draft of the NDP, and 19 of those could still be used!"

[This 109th Qualifying Planning Permission was approved by Herefordshire Council's Planning Committee on 4 October. The Decision Notice has been published. It was for a single storey dwelling on Land Adjacent The Old Chapel, Tillington.]

Let CommonSense prevail, insist that the Parish Council fights for the inclusion of these windfalls and not the mini-housing estates which they seem to prefer. It is supposed to be the Parish's Plan!

8 October 2017


This application for 10 Houses at Bredstone, Burghill (Opposite Manor Fields) appeared on the Herefordshire Council planning website on Friday 6 October, click here to see the detail.

This possible development was mentioned at a Parish Council meeting as long ago as the end of 2016 because Herefordshire Council had advised the PC then that it had given pre-planning advice on it to the applicant. However, this is not recorded in any of the Parish Council Minutes at that time! Herefordshire Council will of course be able to confirm exactly when it provided the advice and informed the Parish Council. The developer then made a presentation to the Parish Council in July 2017. Surprising, perhaps, that the Parish Council or Steering Group did not evaluate it as a possible NDP site, despite knowing about it. It is a requirement of the Neighbourhood Planning process that alternatives should be fully considered.

Anyhow, all that doesn't matter! The remaining housing required to meet the NDP target can be met by windfall development! We don't need to ruin the Parish.

30 September 2017


Click on the link below to see the requests (10 July), the inadequate responses (3 August), and excerpts from the Information Commissioner's response (28 September).

EIR & FOI Requests and Responses

30 September 2017


These 16 still needed could all be met by a provision for 'windfalls'. There were 20 windfalls identified in the last Draft of the NDP, and 19 of those could still be used!"

Let CommonSense prevail, insist that the Parish Council fights for the inclusion of these windfalls and not the mini-housing estates which they seem to prefer. It is supposed to be the Parish's Plan!



...and the previous Table has been removed.

But don't worry, we downloaded the previous Table of Responses (USAR-Consultation-response-table-August-2017) with the document properties of 18 August 2017, and have put it on the web.

Click here to see USAR-Consultation-response-table-August-2017.pdf (will open in new window).
It only has 52 responses. It seemed only right to us that the people who took all the time and trouble to comment and are among the 10 missing should be able to look at the original Table of Responses to see if it was them who had been ignored!

The 2nd "new" Table contains 62 responses and now includes the comments from the 10 people who had been omitted before. Unless it becomes replaced by a 3rd Table (!), you can see it on the BPC website: USAR Consultation response table August 2017 final (2)

A mystery: the 2nd (new) Table's document properties have a date of 8 September, and it was not put onto the BPC website until after 13 September. The document properties of the USAR itself have a date of 18 August, three weeks earlier!

All very confusing, it is not very credible......


[POST SCRIPT:We are keeping a record of changes to the Neighbourhood Plan page on the Parish Council website by archiving its evolving different versions so that both Herefordshire Council and the Examiner of the Plan can in due course see exactly how it has evolved and what statements and documents have been put on it!]

30 September 2017



YES, we have been busy this week.

We thought that it was timely to produce a brief description of the Neighbourhood Plan Process as the Government originally intended it to be.

And because some planners seem to delight in using planning jargon to befuddle us mere mortals, we thought that a Glossary of Terms would be useful, too.

Click here to see The NDP process as it was intended to be, together with a Glossary of Planning Terms

22 September 2017

More details about 'Final' Sites Assessment Report & Burghill Parish Council Meeting Sept 6th 2017

The Parish Council meeting came and went on September 6th. In summary:

• The PC 'received' the "Final Updated site assessment report August 2017" ("Final USAR") together with a Table of responses.

• It was pointed out by a former Steering Group Member (who had been privy to the public responses but was now a mere member of the public since the Steering Group was prematurely disbanded in early July 2017) that 10, yes 10 representations made by members of the community were not included in the Table of responses.

»The same member of the public was asked to send this information directly to the consultants Kirkwells!

»[As a matter of fact, it is the Burghill Parish Council which is the legal entity - 'Qualifying Body' - responsible for overseeing the Neighbourhood Plan].

» So this does rather seem to be a cavalier abrogation of responsibility, and disrespectful to those community members who had bothered to comment on the Site Assessment Report but who had been omitted or ignored.

• Irrespective of constructive comments made by members of the community, the Table of responses (which obviously excludes at least 10 responses) is characterised by the repeated outcome "No Change" "No Change" "No Change".

• Therefore it does seem that the input of the wider community has yet again been largely ignored.

• In an outbreak of what is presumably designed to be seen as 'consultation' when reported later to Herefordshire Council or the Plan Examiner, the "Final USAR" is to be put out again for 'consultation' starting September 6th, finishing October 18th. There is no mention of the planning consultants Kirkwells being involved in this, so one presumes that any comments would be received by the Parish Council (but who is going to be analysing these given that it abolished the Steering Group in June?!)

• This further period of 'consultation' seems to be able to allow the Parish Council to receive (and no doubt ignore) any further constructive comments by the wider community.

• It does not escape one's attention, that if at the 8th November Parish Council meeting, the PC decides to resubmit another version of the NDP to Herefordshire Council, that (a) there will have been no opportunity for the wider community to read it, consider it, and comment on it before such a (Regulation 16) submission so it will be the Parish Council's NDP and not the community's NDP, and (b) that the 6 week consultation on it by Herefordshire Council would be likely to occur over the Christmas holiday period, thereby ensuring that it will pass many people by.

• " The "Final USAR" has a section entitled "Recommendation" but it is notable that it does not actually recommend anything! It just has a Table containing 3 sites which purport to have the "Most favourable scores". These are the same old sites included in the NDP which was rejected by Herefordshire Council in 2016. With the same constraints. The last (and only time) there was "consultation" on these (and all the other sites for that matter) was nearly 3 years ago in November 2014!

• Our CommonSense NDP proposed on this website has consistently argued for several months that there have been 107 Planning Permissions since 2011 which qualify for inclusion in the NDP. We were rubbished and ignored by the 'experts' on the Steering Group, the 'experts' on the Parish Council, and the expert Planning Consultants listed far fewer permissions, too. However, AT LAST, the "Final USAR" from the expert Planning Consultants now acknowledges 106 Planning Permissions granted!! (We believe that one is still missing.)

• However, the "Final USAR" seems to seek to push for making up the balance of 18 to reach the "minimum" 124 target by including the same old mini-housing estates.

• Our CommonSense NDP has consistently proposed making up the balance by using the individual sites submitted by local people to the NDP, which we have described as 'known' windfalls. [A provision for 'windfalls' is allowed to be included in the NDP]. In fact the 'known' windfalls which we have included (the individual sites submitted by local people to the NDP, so they are clearly available) are all listed in Appendix 7 of the June 2016 Draft NDP which Herefordshire Council rejected. However, the June 2016 Draft NDP was not rejected by HC on grounds that these 'known windfalls' were not deliverable, it was rejected due to concerns about constraints on the mini-housing estates which had been included!

• So, there is a choice - between gentle development based on 'known windfalls' provided by local people up to 2031, minimising the impact on the rural landscape yet meeting the target; or the discordant out-of-keeping mini-housing estates which the Parish Council is being encouraged to pursue with a vengeance. The problem, of course, is that in reality the wider community is not being given that choice, it is being TOLD what it should have….

• Far be it from us to suggest the best course of action, but one has to conclude:

» that with hindsight it was pointless trying to engage with the previous ("No Change" "No Change" "No Change") sites consultation just published. We apologise for having encouraged people to do that.

» that the lack of consultation on the NDP to date does not encourage constructive engagement.

» that it is unlikely that the wider community will be listened to this time in this bout of 'further consultation', given the track record.

» that no responses, or few responses, from the wider community would be used to claim that the "Final USAR" was accepted by it.

» so a pragmatic solution would be for concerned members of the wider community to make a short comment on the "Final USAR" by the deadline of October 18th to the Parish Clerk to the effect that comments on the USAR were largely ignored, that there is little faith in the process, and that therefore further comment will have to wait until another Draft NDP is submitted to Herefordshire Council, given that there is no sign that there will be proper consultation on the Plan, not a flawed Site assessment report, before then.

» and then to await publication of another Draft Regulation 16 NDP, and comment on that. At least comments to Herefordshire Council are unlikely to be suppressed, mislaid, or even ignored.

Let CommonSense prevail

22 September 2017

Too Many Hands -

Right Hand and Left Hand; or Good Hand or Bad Hand

It has probably escaped most people's attention, but on the Herefordshire Council website a Planning Application has appeared in the south of the Parish for 9 houses. This is similar to one which was submitted last year and which had to be withdrawn because Herefordshire Council said that it had "clear conflicts with policy". It is in fact another of those constrained sites in the NDP which caused Herefordshire Council to reject the last Draft NDP.

So, it is back again: https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/info/200142/planning_services/planning_application_search/details?id=172900&search=P172900/O

But look… under 'Representations': Burghill Parish Council OBJECTS to it


But the (ex-)Chairman of the (now-disbanded) Steering Group SUPPORTS it!!!!!!!!


The question is, of course: "Why?"


This application was withdrawn on 5th December 2017, following advice from the Planning Officer (yet again!) that "the site has some significant environmental constraints, coupled with challenges in respect of technical aspects due to the topography of the land. These technical issues and solutions would need to be considered as a comprehensive review of the scheme - ensuring that the resulting layout plan (albeit indicative) clearly demonstrates that the site can deliver the amount of housing proposed in a manner that is considered to be policy compliant."

The Draft Burghill Area NDP was thrown out by Herefordshire Council over a year ago, in October 2016, and not put forward to examination because of, among other things, uncertainty about site deliverability. This site was included in it. And the (ex-) Chairman of the (now-disbanded) Steering Group still SUPPORTS this constrained site, according to his comments made as recently as 11 September 2017.


4 September 2017

"USAR Consultation response table August 2017" and "Final Updated site assessment report August 2017" (FUSAR)

(reports apparently from Kirkwells the planning consultants from Burnley, Lancashire) were put onto Burghill Parish Council website today 4 September 2017 (click on the links above to open them).

The Creation and Modification dates for both of these documents, in their Document Properties, are 18 August 2017 so it is a mystery why they have only appeared now, over 2 weeks later.

What is interesting though, is that AT LAST there is acknowledgement (Para 2.6 on page 4 of the FUSAR) that 106 Planning Permissions have already been granted in the Parish since 2011 and they count towards the Neighbourhood Plan (there is also one more PP which we think that Herefordshire Council omitted, from March 2017, which brings the total to 107 Planning Permissions - EXACTLY AS we were saying here at CommonSense NDP back in June (when that figure was being rubbished at Parish Council meetings).

However, the total Parish target is 124 new dwellings (2011-2031) and the FUSAR seems to be saying (Para 2.9 on page 5) that the Burghill Neighbourhood Plan should include some allocations to meet the 18 remaining dwellings over the plan period, and not rely on a windfall provision to achieve this. WE DISAGREE - the 19 windfalls in the Commonsense NDP were all named sites put forward by parishioners to the NDP, they were included in the June 2016 Draft NDP in Appendix 7, not a single one of those 19 have had Planning Permission yet granted, and they are therefore all robust, deliverable sites.

To cut to the chase, the net result of all this seems to be this Table on page 13 of the FUSAR (this is reproduced exactly):

Burghill NDP Final Updated Site Assessment Report August 2017

Table 3 - Most favourable scores

Site No
Site location
Site Area
Potential Capacity
Capacity in previous Regulation 16 NDP
Land NE Cherry Orchard Cottages, Tillington
Land opposite Burghill Golf Club, Burghill
Tillington Business Park, Tillington

4.15 The decision relating to which sites to allocate in the Burghill Neighbourhood Plan is for the Parish Council and should be open and transparent.

So, there you are.....it seems that the Parish Council is being led down a route of allocating one, two, or all three of these 'most favourable sites' (in reality giving Planning Permission in Principle under the changed government rules). That means excessive development based on up to 3 mini-housing estates, rather than using the 19 already-identified windfall houses/conversions. And, remember - there is no sewerage infrastructure at Tillington.

The next Parish Council Meeting is on 6th September. We know that it is still the holiday period, but if you care about Burghill Parish then please try to be there, because the next step in this process is for the Parish Council to submit another Draft NDP to Herefordshire Council.

The question is, will it be a CommonSense NDP?


10 August 2017


10 Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) requests and 2 Freedom of Information (FOI) requests were made on 10th July 2017 to Burghill Parish Council by a concerned parishioner. Click on the link below to see the requests (10 July), and the inadequate responses (3 August).

EIR & FOI Requests and Responses

27 July 2017

BAD NEWS - The Parish Council abolished the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group at their July Parish Council Meeting, but are pressing ahead with their redrafted NDP which the Planning Consultants from Burnley (in Lancashire) are preparing. There is no Parish Council meeting in August, and the next one is scheduled for September 6th. BE THERE IF YOU CARE ABOUT THIS PARISH. IF ONLY FEW PEOPLE ATTEND (IT IS THE HOLIDAY PERIOD) IT WILL BE USED AS JUSTIFICATION THAT "THE SILENT MAJORITY AGREES "!!!!

[Paragraph added 05 August] Bear in mind that at the last PC meeting on July 12th, the Chairman of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group said (just before the Steering Group was abolished) with regard to the site assessment report "we received 56 responses….in terms of relevance, the comments represented views coming from less than about 5% of parish…." Now, that can be taken to imply that 56 responses from concerned and interested members of the wider community are perhaps not regarded as relevant. (The fact of the matter is that 56 is actually 8% of the 700 households in the Parish, and that is more than the average number of people who expressed a 'for' vote' for each site at the 2014 'Options' Days!). We urge you to turn up on September 6th, or if you are going to be away, write to or email the Parish Council to demonstrate that your views are definitely relevant!!

As we understand it, a redrafted NDP will then be approved at that next Parish Council meeting on September 6th by the PC for submission to Herefordshire Council (for subsequent examination) but this will not be re-consulted on first with the Parish so no-one will have a clue what's in it until after it has been submitted!! So the Parish Council has ignored our suggestion that the 18% target can be met, and by their own admission they have no 'Plan B' either.


GOOD NEWS - Herefordshire Council has updated its housing land figures for the Burghill NDP Area so they are up-to-date as at 1st April 2017. This is based on Planning Permissions and Committments from 2011 to then. When Planning Permissions after 1st April are added on, plus one which we think that HC omitted, the total becomes 107, EXACTLY AS WE WERE SAYING IN JUNE! Add on the 19 'windfalls' already identified in the last Draft Plan, and the total becomes 126, exceeding the 18% target. But no-one's listening........


BAD NEWS - In the August 2017 Parish Magazine (e-version at https://www.burghill-web.co.uk/) it says:

"In response to requests from people in the village, we plan to allocate a page in the magazine for letters and opinions concerning the Neighbourhood Development Plan. This will be in the edition before the referendum on the plan. Due to lack of space there will be a limit of 200 words per item. The editors reserve the right to exclude any anonymous letter, and any with defamatory remarks."


1. It says "village". Which village? Or do they really mean Parish?

2. It is customary, and indeed, required, to consult on Neighbourhood Plans BEFORE Draft Plans are submitted, not after, when it is too late!

The usual process involves consulting fully; then producing a draft 'Regulation 14' Plan and taking the comments into proper account; then submitting a re-drafted 'Regulation 16' Plan which Herefordshire Council takes comments on; then, if approved, the draft 'Regulation 16' Plan is put by Herefordshire Council to an Examiner; then, if approved, the draft 'Regulation 16' Plan is then approved by the examiner for a referendum.

The Burghill NDP has already been rejected after stage (c) in September 2016, and has been in limbo ever since. A step or two seems to have been missed out....


3. And 1 page of comments, each with 200 words means that just 4 comments will be accepted "due to lack of space". One gets the impression that even views expressed too late will be unwelcome!

13 June 2017

We are aware from parishioner contact via this website that, unbelievably, parishioners' comments made to the Parish Council about the Neighbourhood Development Plan which mention the letter and leaflet which we sent to parishioners, may be suppressed by the Parish Council and may not be taken into account, the excuse being that the letter and leaflet have been deemed "unofficial'.

Therefore, if you wish for your views to be registered by the Parish Council, don't mention the letter or leaflet!

This is clearly totally unacceptable, and is an insult to the democratic process. Time is short, but there is a Burghill Parish Council Meeting tomorrow evening, June 14 at 7.30 pm in the Simpson Hall, Burghill. Parishioners may wish to attend and ask the Parish Council what right they think they have to suppress or redact comments from the parishioners who they are supposed to represent.

Agenda: http://burghillparishcouncil.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/14.06.2017-Agenda.pdf (opens in new window)

13 June 2017

Herefordshire Council publishes excellent Guidance Notes for Neighbourhood Planning on its website. Click here (opens in new window) for Guidance Note 12 "Best practice community engagement techniques"

It contains some important guidance:

Consultation Do’s and Don'ts

• Do allow everyone to have their say and feel involved;

• Do think how it is best to reach everyone within your community including those who live and work in the area and local landowners;

• Do invite others to offer advice; for example third parties/stakeholders;

• Do have a method for collecting, collating and displaying all responses transparently;

• Do have a method for acknowledging responses and telling people how their responses have been acted upon;

• Don’t just talk to those who are friendly or who share your views;

• Don’t get into arguments on the substance.

8 June 2017

Click here to see FACTSHEET No. 1 - to see the impact of the Parish Council's Plan : DISproportionate growth

June 2017

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